About Us

Branch Sports Technology is a sports timing and data company.

Branch Sports Technology was founded March 2012 by Cody Branch. With experience in photo finish and results databases dating back to 2001 BST can provide a high level of service for your track & field meet, cross country race, road race or other data oriented event.

Branch worked with the high profile Flash Results timing group from 2007 to 2012. During his time at Flash Results Cody gained valuable experience at high level events including US National Championships, NCAA Championships, Pan American Games and the US Olympic Trials.

BST not only has experience with photo finish operation but also the backend database results also. With its customizable scoring platform BST can provide scoring and results for any kind of event as well as television interfaces, scoreboard integration, social media integration and real-time web results.

Currently BST has one of the only proprietary track & field scoring programs allowing it to customize outputs for any type of scoreboard, output results to television production companies or webcasts, customize printed and web results and provide a Commentator Information System for in stadium announcers and broadcast companies.

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Our Services

Photo Finish Cameras
Photo finish cameras record official times with accuracy of up to 1/10000th of a second. The camera provides a digital photofinish image that can be reviewed by the official timer to determine race results.

RFID Transponders
Road races and cross country events often use RFID transponders to get results for the races. This allows the results to be calculated immediately once the athlete crosses the finish line. RFID technology also lets you get intermediate times for the participants.

Positioning Systems
Positioning systems allow you to track an object at all times using both local and global transmitters. With this option you can track and get intermediate times, distance from the leader, and lots of other information in real-time from a race that could take place anywhere.

BST provides live internet results and standings for all of the events it times. Race by race, jump by jump, we can display the current events results in real-time on the web with our scoring platform.

BST can provide a scoreboard interface for any kind of event and a large number of different scoreboard brands.

We specialize in pushing real-time data to video boards or results displays in an attractive and presentable format. Information can be customized to fit the event and can also incorporate logos and photographs.

We can collect data from an existing scoring system or create a program to output the results and standings to the scoreboard based on the event specifications.

BST can provide a broadcast interface via compatible data files, video signal, or direct interface.

Working with graphics providers for television networks we have come up with a data protocol allowing results to interface directly with the broadcast on-screen graphics.

We also have the capability to provide the data via a high definition video signal or direct interface into popular streaming boxes like the Newtek Tricaster.

BST provides a Commentator Information System for in-stadium announcers and broadcast production.

CIS allows you to follow events with attempt by attempt updates in field events and live updates for track events. Rankings are compiled and updated in real-time allowing the announcer to keep track of numerous events that are happening simultaneously.

This is best practiced in track & field competitor but can also be modified for other events needing data services.

BST can program customized scoring systems into their results system for special events.

In 2011 we provided customized scoring for the Nike Track Nationals in Eugene, OR. Providing team scores and updates in real-time throughout the event. NTN used a custom algorythm assigning points based on the level of performance rather than the place they finished.

Additionally in 2011 we provided customized scoring for the first Eurekan competition in Eureka Springs, AR. The three day multi-sport event used performances from a triathlon, bike race and road race to compile the overall standings for the Eurekan competition.

Highlight Events

  • 2012 Olympic Trials Track & Field
  • 2012 Olympic Trials Marathon
  • 2008 Olympic Trials Track & Field
  • 2008 Olympic Trials Marathon
  • 2011 Pan American Games
  • 2011 Arab Games
  • USA Track & Field Championships
  • NCAA Division I Championships
  • NCAA Division II Championships
  • SEC Championships
  • Big 12 Championships
  • Pac-12 Championships
  • Big 10 Championships
  • Arkansas State HS Championships