USATF Jr. Olympics
Humble, TX July 21-27, 2014
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Mobile Web Results

Welcome to the Branch Sports Technology mobile web results. This was designed specifically for viewing results on any mobile phone with the ability to view live race by race track results and live field event standings.


Start off by selecting the session of events you wish to view. Each event will have a status, 'Not Started', 'Live' or 'Official' just like the standard web results. When an event has not begun, a start list is available. Once an event begins a live link appears and you can follow the field or track events progress. When a result is official the event will then be labeled 'Official'. Keep in mind that results posted during the 'In Progress' session are unofficial and subject to change.

Update Data

Due to the limited data plans of some users the live results must be updated manually by clicking the refresh icon on the top right of each page. This is load new data from events as the event is in progress. It also updates the event list as events start and are completed.

iPhone Users

You can add a icon on the homescreen of your iOS device by adding this page to your homescreen via the bookmarks button on the bottom of this browser. From this time on the web results will appear as a web app on your device.

Comments or Concerns

This system is still very new, so if you have any problems or recommendations for future builds be sure to let us know by shooting us an email at